Shopping test your emotional attitude

Shopping test your emotional attitude

Shopping is, of course, an experience everyone has, and no one cares about it.

If it is a pair of men and women in love, shopping and shopping together, the feelings are very different.

  Most of the time when people go shopping, they have a clear purpose. Most of what they buy is what they need now. It is a bit harder to cut things.

When you are bored, go to the streets to relax and walk around. When you want to go home, you feel strange to go home empty-handed.

So you decide to buy something to take home.

Bring it home by accident.

By chance, of course, casual intervention, what do you want to buy?

Please expect one in the answer below.


Go to the bookstore and buy a book to see, just to pass the boring time.


A beautiful dress is most practical.


Fruit is naturally the best choice, lest you never go out to run again.


Bring some western-style breads, which look good and delicious, maybe save a meal.

  Analysis of results: a.

Your requirements for love are high. If the other party is not charming, and capable of providing the romantic life you desire, you are mostly unrelated.

You have a higher level of education, so the quality of life is different from ordinary people. It must be full of emotion and elegant, and I am afraid that few people can do it.

Remember, you are too picky to lose a lot of opportunities yourself. The age is easy to pass away, it is better to be realistic!


Appearing in the sea of love, you often move around and wonder where the good man is.

When you fall in love, you will be desperate, even if you are carrying a third party, it does n’t matter. Unfortunately, your enthusiasm is too short-lived. Within three days, you feel that you have made the wrong choice.Good branch.

When you are half-hearted in love, although you care about your feelings, you often don’t understand your feelings, so you are often at a loss.

It’s better to be quiet, first understand yourself, and then go all out to get the lover of your dreams.


The infatuated you, ingesting the love wholeheartedly, also require the other party to persistently love you.

You see everything beautifully, once injured, it is difficult to recover for a long time.

“Stupid and confused” is your best portrayal on the road of love. You think that as long as you possess it wholeheartedly, the other party will definitely return you this way, and of course it should be returned to you, so before you know it,More demanding.

Our advice for you, please try to take a step back and look at the problem.

Perseverance in love is good, but in case you have no more fate, don’t try to call back each other’s love.

The past, let it pass!


You are very realistic in life. You will never give in to yourself and make yourself comfortable. Your goal in love will not be to indulge in love for a person, sometimes impulse, but in the end, reason will prevailTherefore, you generally do not suffer in the love.

Your problem is that you sometimes care too much about the balance between giving and receiving, and sometimes people feel that you are not sincere.