New law of fitness for women

New law of fitness for women

For women who are extremely vulnerable to their own health, you can live better and live longer as long as you follow the simple “new rule for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of women’s health.”

This is not a dream.

Xiaobian summarized the “addition, subtraction, multiplication and division” of rehabilitation. As long as you pay attention to these, your health is yours.

  Plus-enhance health awareness, strengthen health and maintain active lifestyle first comes from active health awareness.

The stress of life may lead to a diminished awareness of health care and gradually give up the necessary health maintenance, which includes regular physical examinations and exercise.

  Regular exercise will make you full of energy, promote oxygen supply to the brain and other parts of the human body, improve sleep quality and so on.

  Reduce-Reduces threats to health and changes bad habits Bad habits, with diet and daily living as the main factors, are the biggest threats to health.

Such as drinking tobacco, drinking, irregular diet, rest and rest, etc., will directly lead to a decline in health and become a hidden danger to health.

  Multiply-build confidence in life, and seek effective help. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is not to do anything. This is exactly what those busy people occasionally need, stepping on their bodies to give them a chance to rest.

Certain complementary therapies, anatomical massage therapy, and aromatherapy are also very effective in rejuvenating the human body. They can not only fully relax the body, but also increase our physical energy and refresh our spirits.

  In addition to eliminating old health concepts and correcting wrong health cognition, old health concepts and wrong health cognitions are all over, but the most influential ones are as follows: First, serious health is an inevitable result of annual growth.
We must learn to break the traditional notion that age is harmful.

As far as physiology is concerned, we can still look forward to increasing vitality and endurance as we age, rather than lying down in an easy chair.

  Second, only disease is the killer of health.

In fact, lifestyle has a greater impact on health than disease.

Health and lifestyle are more closely related than physical fitness.

  Third, sexual life is a health-consuming behavior.

Initially, indulgence is harmful to health, but enjoying sexual life promotes rehabilitation and health.

Erroneous claims about sex in older people have led them to give up sex most of the time.

  The rules of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are optimistic attitude, scientific cognition, and positive efforts. As long as they persist, it will definitely make women live healthier and more vigorous.